The roles and responsibilities of the FIDE Trainer’s Commission (TRG) are detailed in the FIDE Handbook at chapter A02 and chapter B07 and at our website:


The FIDE Trainers’ Commisson (TRG) will seek to organise FIDE Trainer Online Seminars in all major and regional languages.

TRG, where possible, directly or through pre-qualified FIDE Academies (regional), will work with FIDE Affiliated Organisations and fellow FIDE Commissions for the organisation and promotion of FIDE Trainer Online Seminars.

Where TRG has appointed a co-organiser, usually a FIDE Academy, the registration of participants and the collection of fees will be the co-organiser’s responsibility.

TRG will still ensure quality and integrity of the seminar and the award of titles and licences by approving the lecturers and topics at the lecturer, monitor the seminar in real time and through recordings, and provide an independent examiner.


Information about a FIDE Trainer Online Seminar will be published on the TRG Website as it become available.

Everyone who plays chess can attend a FIDE Trainer Online Seminar but may only take the examination to qualify for a FIDE Trainer Licence if they have a FIDE ID.

You are encouraged to read the FIDE Regulations for the Titles of Trainers as can be seen at this link:

Interested participants must complete the FIDE Trainer Online Seminar Participant Form. Please download from his link:

The fee for a FIDE Trainer Online Seminar is fixed at Euro 200 and is paid before the start of the seminar.

Please also see the FIDE Trainer Online Seminar Privacy and Rules which regulates your participation:

By participating in the seminar you comply with the approved rues and regulations.


FIDE Trainer Online Seminars must be conducted either over a minumum three (3) days with 15 hours of lectures and one (1) hour of written examination or over a maximum of six (6) days up to a two week period.

Lecturers for a FIDE Trainer Online Seminar are approved by the TRG Exam Panel/Board and will select the lectures from a Topics List.

Zoom is the official plaform for FIDE Trainer Online Seminars.

Each seminar will have a Moderator who will assist both the lecturers and participants wih using Zoom pre-seminar, organnise access to and start and end each lecturer, and assist any user challenges during the seminar.

Please download our user guide:


The evaluation for the licence award will be made in five areas:

  1. FIDE ratings or recognised equivalent (30%)
  2. Student results (20%)
  3. Experience (20%)
  4. Publishing and related skills and achievements (10%)
  5. Written Examination (20%)

Participants are required to complete a Questionnaire where information provided will be verified and used for the evaluation.

A written exam based on the topics taught at the seminar will be emailed independently by the examiner to to participants qualified to be examined and to be returned within a designated time frame.

The results will be reviewed by the TRG Exam Panel/Board before endorsement by the TRG Council and then submitted the FIDE Council for approval.

Appeals may be allowed in special circumstances where the decisions of the TRG Exam Panel/Board are final.

Currently four titles are examined at seminars:

  1. Developmental Instructor
  2. National Instructor
  3. FIDE Instructor
  4. FIDE Trainer

Note: Applicants for the title of FIDE Trainer are usually expected to have achieved a FIDE Rating of 2300 or be able to demonstrate equivalent playing strength/ability or to teach at IM level.