TRG Billing & Collection Procedures

1. Licence Renewals

1.1. In January, after validating records of FIDE Titles and FIDE Accounts, TRG provides a list of due licences to FIDE. 

1.2. FIDE then sends a letter to Federations advising the fees due and FIDE and TRG respectively will publish reminders on both FIDE and TRG websites

TitleLicence Fee (Four Years)
FIDE Senior Trainer180
FIDE Trainer120
FIDE Instructor60
National Instructor30
Developmental Instructor30

1.3. Payments to be made are either via TRG PayPal, direct to the FIDE bank account, or with by Federation acceptance of separate FIDE invoice with an acceptable deadline for when it has to be settled. 

FIDE Bank Account:

• IBAN: ES32 2100 0555 3107 0028 5124

TRG PayPal Account:

1.4. By the end February, trainers with non-payment will have titles removed from the system as they would have enjoyed a two-month grace period.

1.5. With full payment after the grace period, their titles will be restored, but if not renewed by the end of 2021, the trainer will be required to attend a seminar to be recertified (where FIDE exam fee will be waived). 

1.6. In the case of trainers not having paid fees for two years, their titles be rescinded.

1.7. All trainers in good standing, after ten years, will have to also recertify through an online seminar together with a peer review.

2. Titles Awarded

2.1. Titles are awarded at meetings of the FIDE Council and of the Executive Board at FIDE Congresses. Federations will then be invoiced the title fees which includes a two (2) year licence.

2.2. Individuals may opt to pay the title fee directly to FIDE.

3. Seminar Organising

3.1. Currently only FIDE Trainer Online Seminars are available and will be organised by TRG.

3.2. The fee to attend a seminar is 200 Euros.

4. Academy Fees

4.1. On a successful membership application, the fee is 300 Euros to be paid within 60 days of approval and the academy will not be a member till paid, failing with, their Academy status will be withdrawn.

4.2. Notices will be sent in December for annual subscription of Euros 500 Euros which will be discounted by 60 percent if paid by 15 February together with annual report.

4.3. Should no payment be received and/or annual report be submitted by the end of March, the academy status will be withdrawn, seniority will be lost and the academy will have to reapply if they wish to continue to be a FIDE endorsed academy.