TRG Billing & Collection Procedures

Fees are charged for license renewals, new trainer titles, and academy application and membership fees.

In cases where TRG organizes seminars, workshops, camps and other such activities, fees may also be charged.

Payments are to be made to FIDE, either by PayPal or by bank transfer (details are given below) and a credit card payment can be provided on request.

By Bank Transfer:  
(Please remember to write the federation and reason for payment)
CaixaBank S.A
Av. Diagonal, 621-629   08028 – Barcelona
Account Name:
Federation Internationale Des Echecs
Euro Account
ES32 2100 0555 31 0700285124
By PayPal: 
(Please remember to write the federation and reason for payment)
By Credit Card:
If you wish to pay by credit card you let us know and we send you a link 
to your email that will take you to a safe platform for the transaction.
Please note that the email may be directed to your junk folder so keep 
an eye on your emails if you choose this way of payment.

1. License Renewals

TitleLicence Fee (Four Years)
FIDE Senior Trainer180
FIDE Trainer120
FIDE Instructor60
National Instructor30
Developmental Instructor30

1.1 The table above shows the fees due every four years.

1.2. Not all Federations accept to be invoiced for trainer license renewals and so you are encouraged to pay directly.

1.3. Information on your license status is now indicated on your FIDE Profile on the FIDE Website and on renewal you can apply to TRG for issuance of a license certificate.

2. New Titles Awarded

TitleFee (Inclusive of a Two Year License)
FIDE Senior Trainer300
FIDE Trainer200
FIDE Instructor100
National Instructor50
Developmental Instructor50

2.1. New titles are formally awarded at meetings of the FIDE Council which usually meets quarterly.

2.2. Titles are usually awarded by successful completion of a seminar and exam, but also through direct application for both upgrade and the FIDE Senior Trainer title.

2.3. Once results from a seminar are published, the participants, directly and/or through their Federation, will be asked to pay their title fees, failing which their results will not be sent to the FIDE Council for approval at their quarterly meeting.

3. Academy Application & Membership Fees

3.1. Applications for membership must be submitted together with a non-refundable fee, recommended by TRG to be 100 Euro, but to be determined by the FIDE Management Board before 30 June 2021.

3.2. Membership fees, as proposed by TRG is 100 Euro for Tier 1, 200 Euros for Tier 2 and 300 Euros for Tier 3, but again, this will be determined by the FIDE Management Board before 30 June 2021.