This is detailed in the chapter B07 of the FIDE Handbook and reads as follows:

5. Guideline for FIDE Academies

5.1. Application and Financials

5.1.1. An application to become a FIDE Academy must be made via its respective federation with a copy to the Trainers’ Commission.

5.1.2. The federation is responsible to officially inform Trainers’ Commission within 30 days on its decision.

5.1.3. Trainers’ Commission will review the application and if the academy is qualified, to categorise it as an international, national or scholastic, and provide terms of reference. 

5.1.4. Should the federation reject the application and the applicant choose to appeal, The Trainers’ Commission will made the final decision subject to approval from FIDE by either PB, EB or GA.

5.1.5. The academy registration fee is Euros 300 with an annual renewal fee of Euros 200 to be invoiced in April of each year to the respective federation.

5.2. Rights and Obligations

5.2.1. A FIDE Academy shall conduct its activities in accordance with FIDE and TRG regulations and by any agreements between the academy and its federation.

5.2.2. A FIDE Academy may use on its official documents the FIDE title and the FIDE logo as approved by Trainers’ Commission.

5.2.3. A FIDE Academy can send one player in each category as wild cards to World and Continental Youth and Schools Chess Championships with registration through its federation, where a Euros 100 maximum administrative charge may be levied.

5.2.4. A FIDE Academy can organise FIDE Rated Tournaments with reports submitted through its federation.

5.2.5. A FIDE Academy may organise FIDE Training Camps where FIDE certificate of attendance approved by Trainers’ Commission may be issued to participants and will seek to organise a minimum of one FIDE Trainer Seminar a year and to use licenced trainers as their faculty.